Links is our sister website which is for lean in service based organisations.


    Edwards Healthcare Consultancy
    Our associate organisation who are specialists in healthcare


    Active - Anglo Chinese Communications
    Our associate organisation who are specialists in assisting companies develop in China


    Open Logistics
    Our associate company provide training in business improvement techniques to complement that provided by Manufacturing Awareness Limited


    MTa International
    All MTa's activities are designed to provide trainers with powerful, effective activities and training games that replicate real work place situations and require delegates to get involved, discuss and debrief to understand how to improve their performance and transfer their learning into the work place.


    Tube and Bracket Company Limited
    A supplier of lean manufacturing solutions for picking, carts, trolleys, supermarkets, kanbans and flexible production lines


    Adobe Reader
    Click Here to download the latest copy of Adobe Reader


    Lean Accounting SuperGroup
    for people interested in applying lean accounting


    Association for Manufacturing Excellence
    The USA based organisation for manufacturing professions.


    The AME - UK
    The UK based arm of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence which encourages self help and networking amongst manufacturing organisations