ISIT in Healthcare

ISIT in Healthcare - Implementing Service Improvement Techniques is the latest book by Chris McKellen.   Based on the successful Implementing Business Improvement Techniques but rewritten specifically for healthcare,  ISIT in Healthcare details how to apply the philosophies, tools and techniques to improve any section, department or healthcare organisation.  This is the 'how to' book and is aimed at employees all levels within the organisation.  The book is equally suitable for chief executives and their teams through to those actually working with patients!

As well as a comprehensive Glossary of Terms the book contains real examples illustrating the application of service improvement techniques.


  • Implementing Service Improvement Techniques
  • Using people to Implement improvements
  • System Improvement Philosophies
  • How Do You Know You are the Best
  • Developing People
  • Changing the Culture
  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Mapping Processes
  • Improving the Organisation
  • Balancing Capacity and Demand
  • Monitoring Quality
  • The Seven Quality Tools
  • Tools to Help Solve Problems
  • Measuring improvements

Case Studies

  • Improving the Constrain- variation and Averages
  • Numbers
  • Non Flexible Examples
  • Ordering Stationary
  • An Exercise to Demonstrate 'Push' and 'Pull'
  • Waste or Mistake Proofing?
  • The Set UP for an Aeroplane Flight
  • Thinking of a Different Way to Obtain Flow
  • Correct Measures


  • A5 Size
  • Printed in Colour
  • Approximately 190 pages
  • Wire bound to open flat

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