How We Can Help

At Manufacturing Awareness Limited we prefer to develop long term relationships with our clients and to be considered as the ‘helping hand’ to steer the company in a slightly different direction when necessary.  

Our ideal philosophy is to help the senior management team develop a vision of where they want to be at some point in the future.   We then work with them to convert the vision to a strategy which can then be implemented through training, mentoring or facilitating.   

There is usually a major difference in applying both the theory and practice of business improvement techniques in different companies!   No one solution fits all and we will help you to determine the best tools or techniques for your individual business.

We also have information available for downloading. 


We offer a series of books to help employees at any level, in any organisation, implement service or business improvement techniques. 

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Our download section contains general information on service and business improvement techniques and also some specific charts relating to our books.   

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Our associates have considerable experience of living and working in China.   We are happy to share this experience with you.   

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If we can help in any way, please contact us