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Feel free to download and share the articles and charts below.   We will add to them from time to time, so don't forget to come back sometime!

Let's Get Back to Common Sense

The article, written several years ago compares some of the service or business improvement tools and concludes that we should use common sense when implementing change.

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Systems Failure

A series of spaghetti charts showing the excessive communications required to enable an 88 year old lady to be admitted to hospital with mental health issues

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Lean Thinking in the Supply Chain

An example of a change programme implemented in purchasing and the supply chain of an organisation.

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China - a Changing Country

In his article, Chris McKellen recalls his experiences of living in China in the early 1990s and his return there two or three years ago.

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Implementing Business Improvement Techniques

This case study documents how and why significant changes made in an organisation

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Think-lean Assessment

This assessment tool originally developed for manufacturing was designed to assist management teams understand how the implementation of service or business improvement tools is progressing.

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A Comparison of 7 Wastes

This simple chart gives a comparison of the seven wastes in healthcare, manufacturing and administration.

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