Trainer: a person or thing that trains;
person who trains and coaches

Manufacturing Awareness Limited offers a variety of training programmes and workshops, on business and service improvement techniques.    Most are suitable for any organisation, regardless of their sector.

Each programme or workshop is individually customised to suit the client's own requirements.    We do not believe that there is a 'standard' programmes!

Programmes and workshops can be classroom based but are, as often as possible, 'hands-on' - involving both practical sessions on real issues within the organisation or department, plus classroom based activities.   We try to avoid 'death by PowerPoint'.   

Aimed at all levels throughout the organisation, our business improvement programmes and workshops will help employees to identify the need for change and to implement the most suitable improvement techniques within their part of the organisation.

Teams of employees are encouraged to strengthen team working,  to become empowered, and are stimulated to improve productivity, by eliminating waste and reducing both inventory and lead times.

We recommend a pragmatic and common sense approach to implementing business improvements – use the tools or techniques that are right for your organisation, not just today’s hot topics.  

Our Training and Workshop Brochure shows some typical, generic programmes.  Please download it and share it with your colleagues, then contact us to customise workshop specifically for your employees. 


Training & Workshop Brochure

Training Brochure

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