QRS for Lean in Manufacturing

QRS for Lean in Manufacturing is the quick reference source to guide the user through the tools and techniques implementing 'lean thinking' in any manufacturing organisation.

QRS for Lean in Manufacturing outlines the techniques necessary to identify waste in any manufacturing environment and offers business improvement tools and suggestions to eliminate the wastes.

Customised editions of the book are used by several international organisations as their company 'improvement' handbook.


  • Lean Thinking
  • People and Change
  • Assessing Your Business
  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Managing Flow
  • Tools and Techniques
  • The Seven Quality Tools
  • Data Collection and Problem Solving Tools
  • World Class Companies
  • Other Techniques
  • References and Information


  • A6 Size
  • Printed in Colour
  • Approximately 160 pages
  • Wire bound to open flat

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ISBN                      9780954626204

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Please note that books in the 'QRS Series' contain common pages.


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QRS for Lean in Manufacturing

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